Turning your sleep cycle around without turning into an angry, volatile bastard

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The last night shift for the weekend, and it will be good to get some sleep and quite effortlessly turn my sleep cycle back around.


Tip for changing night shift cycle back to daytime – Sleep your cycle around to daytime


Many people swear by the “breaking themselves up at 12 and having a horrible day until they get tired in the evening” method, but I’ve noticed that for myself there’s no guarantee that I’ll actually fall gently into sleep when the evening comes. And likely I’ll be cranky and pissed off most of the day.


What works for me is to just sleep the entire day like usual, then find myself a cozy spot like a cat in the evening. Preferably a cozy bed. Like a miracle, I’ve usually fallen asleep and woken up around 5-6 the next morning ever since I started working shifts again. You’re working with your body instead of against it.


I think part of the fact that I actually get quality sleep for the first time in over a year is that I’m working again.


To go idle is the root of all evil.


This week I should get my head around to applying to the state for taking the motorbike licence, and yes, apparently you need to apply to the state for that.


Then I need to get ahold of the book for the theoretical exam. Next is to train for the exam with online exams.


Firstly I’ll go to the Smelty to get some money in my pouch. Money money money.


The most important thing now with the money is that there’s something left after all of this. Can’t stand the thought anymore to work hard and then you have nothing to show for it, and so you have to start again.


Been there done that, more than enough.



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