Thought I’d try

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Thought I’d try a tiny one in this language as well.


Some people like me better in Norwegian and some in English, and some not at all. For those who do like either of my languages, I am truly sorry for switching them up and being utterly useless at sticking to one. I have given up, and I will now write in Ent language if it seems to make my heart happy.


I also seem to write more freely in English, as the potential to not be read at all is so huge that I can comfortably avoid the spotlight.


The last time my blog got a peak of visitors, I froze up and didn’t write from my “true self” (relaxed, happy and confident) for a very long time, and then I shut down.


So please, do me and my fears a favor and pretend you’re not reading, hehe. Just kidding. No I’m not. Yes I am.


Right now I’d just like to express my sincere gratitude to you and with you for your attention, and to the glorious life we are all living, even though of course we all have our own issues.


But it’s good to be alive, anyway.


In this moment there’s this really good song on the radio, and I’m 940/1024 parts into my 12 hour night shift, which means I’m about to go home with my figurative pouch full of money.


Just a few tons of raw materials more on the oven, and I’m off to my lovely bed by the sea.



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