When Hell Sets Fire To The Splinter – Leading Yourself From The Gut

When Hell Sets Fire To The Splinter – Leading Yourself From The Gut


I must out into the woods again and find what I’m looking for.


Where do you go to find what you’re looking for?


I don’t really know why I must out into the woods, but that is what I’m told by my gut that I am to write.


An experiment to just bypass my whole head has led me here.



Today I have led myself by my gut, and there is a lot of fears that has just fallen to the wayside because I have been busy actually doing things, and instead those delicious counterparts of the fears have manifested into my life.


I will try the same tomorrow, too.


Many people say that everything starts with the thought, which creates the feeling, which creates the action, which creates the result.



Sometimes – for the most part, really – I think the head is a big rock struggling for balance on top of a sliver thin splinter.


Either the splinter breaks, and the stone falls down. Or, what usually happens, hell comes and sets the whole thing on fire.


It was a good thing that hell set the whole thing on fire, because now the stone is at least lying, if perhaps a bit hot, on the ground. It’s no longer struggling for balance on top of the splinter.


Now the rock – the head – can think calmly and concentrated, and create good and inspiring feelings to match the thoughts, which then gives the drive to act, because now there’s just no longer anything else than to act that makes sense.


Now it’s all clear to you what you have to do, so why wait?




This is exactly how I’ve been feeling today, when I’ve focused on my stomach and noticed what it is telling me.


I have a faith and intention that my stomach is to lead me ahead in the best possible way.


You don’t really need to know much more than that, because if it’s always in the best possible way, I think you will have lived a good life the day you die.



If life is a set path in the forest, and everyone has each their own path which crisses and crosses each other, but every path starts and ends somewhere, it can be more fun to walk one’s path as gracefully as possible and get the most out of it, rather than walking as a panic stricken, drunk idiot because he can’t remember where he put his booze bottle.


Both comes to the end of their path equally fast anyhow.


Which of them do you want to be?



I have often been the panic stricken, drunk idiot on my path, for sure, but then I sparkle onto the scene with performances of gracefulness like today. If I know myself right I will forget how good today was, and be panic stricken again tomorrow.


We can at least hope.


Can the gracefulness be made a habit, by letting oneself lead by the gut?


I think so.


In addition to following your gut, you also have a tool in your feelings.






Notice what feels good or bad. Act on it. “Can’t feel anything” is a neutral sign, and I interpret it as to just keep going for now.


When you use the head, there will be so many other thoughts – noise.


There isn’t when you use the gut.



The right thoughts, images, ideas and feelings pop up.


The concentration comes by itself because it’s so much fun to experience this clarity, and you act because you can’t wait to see where it will take you, and you can’t wait for the next inspiration to come in the form of thoughts, images and feelings that all lead to graceful action towards the best on your path.


So, again – who do you want to be on your path?





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