I’ll never be able to do that

I’ll never be able to do that

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I’m flirting with the idea of writing a little ebook and putting it up for sale.


It would be completely unhelpful and a total waste of time for anyone, but it would be nice to create something for sale.


I’ve never tried that before, and I definitely have never thought it might be possible for me to do.


You recognize that thought?


‘I’ll never be able to do that.’
‘I would never succeed at that.’


And so on.


But as with many thoughts in my life, one day you simply realize you have had them for long enough and they’ve helped you with absolutely nothing at all, so perhaps it’s time to let them go.


Not all of them at once of course, we can’t give up our delicious torture all at once or we would have withdrawals, and wouldn’t recognize ourselves anymore.


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