A couple of mountain hikes 

A couple of mountain hikes 

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Its a calm morning half past seven.


It seems I have successfully turned my sleep cycle around after the night shift weekend, and that goes well with this week having the best weather in a long time in these parts.

If I can squeeze in a few more shifts this week, it should become a handsome amount of hours by the end of this salary period.

The last few days I’ve been on two trips on the mountain, Heim Mountain (Mount Home), here are some photos.


You can see the photos with dslr are taken on my first trip. Later in the post there are some from my second trip, taken with the phone.


The first trip went up to Aksla, on the second one I went further on to ‘The Ward’ om the Heim Mountain. Both trips early in the morning, in the sunrise.


Started the day at the cabin, grabbed my grandfathers old backpack and off I went.


I found the backpack behind some chests in the attic many years ago, and I haven’t gotten to use it that much, but I hope to use it a bit more in the days ahead.

There were so many photos and a hassle to put them in the right order, so please see the photos in the identical Norwegian language post HERE. 🙂


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