Short thoughts of a new adventure

Short thoughts of a new adventure


I just came home from Bucharest, and now there is once again a period of shifts lying before me at the smelty.


There are some things that have clicked into place lately, and I am just as surprised every time I suddenly understand something new, and I am so happy.


Understanding something new is one of the best things I know. It can however take it’s time and into several valleys before one gets there, but it’s just always worth it.


I’ve mentioned to some friends, acquaintances and colleagues that I have the intention to head out on a slightly bigger adventure again, and this time I want to bring you along from the very beginning.


It’s been a bit intimidating saying it out loud to others, but then again I’ve felt that it feels good in small, controlled doses, so I’ve interpreted it as being right to do. I think it feels right because in my innermost, I know I can be able to do it.


By bringing you along from the very beginning I mean to describe the process behind it, as in why, how, planning and along the way, and of course if it feels right, to share what I experience.


We’ll just have to see what becomes of it.


Thank you for your attention, and have a good day.


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