When Things Seem To Be Going Straight To Hell

When Things Seem To Be Going Straight To Hell


Once you’ve decided on your target, calculated the numbers you need to reach it and also told others about it, a pressure builds to actually get to it.


I would call it a positive pressure, since I feel ownership to the goal and it comes from inspiration, not motivation, but it still presents a few challenges.


One thing is you get more sensitive to things that threaten to set you back in terms of your goal.


An example of this is that now we are in a period in the smelty where there is not a lot of shifts free for substitutes like me to get their hands on, and in the beginning since setting my goal I was starting to panic a bit about this.


I even wrote two blog posts about it that I never published, because something in me told me to not focus on the appearances of where things are going, and especially not by involving more people in that focus.


If you and me are going to reach our goals, we have to be somewhat strict with ourselves to see what we want to see, in our inner eye, and not be fooled by what ‘reality’ seems to be in front of us.


No doubt you have experienced that something important to you seemed to be going straight to hell in one moment, only to turn out in a glorious way just around the corner.


I would argue that you did something right in that moment everything seemed to go wrong.


Either you surrendered to the possible outcomes and simply stopped thinking about it, or you kept a little strand of hope, or even a strand of belief, that things most surely would turn out right in the end.


Or maybe something in between.


Instead of publishing those two blog posts focusing on the lack of work at this time, I postponed them long enough for me to begin to think otherwise.


At this point I still don’t know when I’m going to work next, but I have stopped worrying about it.


Because that is often how things turn out, they don’t go in a straight line, at least they have seldom done so in my life.


I have learned that at most times, no matter how many turns and twists what you see in front of you takes and how fast they come and go, if I somehow manage to hold on to that little strand of belief, or inner picture, or inner knowing, things do turn out well in the end, in terms of my goal or primary focus at that time.


There can be a ton of work right when you need a break, and no work when you feel like you need it right now.


The point is perhaps that it will be enough work in the end to reach your numbers for your goal.




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